• Hello, Catco

  • Let's Steal Ideas,

  • And Get High on Technology.

Catco is a project-based hangout to experiment with art & code.


Make, Love, with Catco


We started Catco because we believe we can make the future what we want it to be. The internet liberates us to fabricate our own vision together. Learning, making and sharing are much easier than ever before. What this democratic creativity brings is a new breed of Artist & designer utilizing code to express bold ideas, as well as a new breed of coders exploring creative ways to push the boundaries of technology. We are building this platform for these next generation creative minds to hang out, to tinker, and to inspire the world with the things they love and make.

How it works

I get high with a little help from my friends

Every project starts as a small creative spark. Seize it, fuel it with the help of the community, and it will grow into something bigger and brighter. This is a process which you can learn from & make impact with.

Start small

Begin your project with some words, sketches, or a simple prototype. Use Catco to organize your thoughts, brainstorm with your friends, and grow the idea within the Catco community.

Go wilder

A project is like a party. Invite people to have fun with you. Catco helps you connect with people who have similar minds as yours and who can help you out with your project.

Learn and Share

Making gives us a chance to learn, meanwhile brings the world fresh air. Catco encourages you to show off the outcome, share your experiences, and shape the future in the way you believe.


Say hello!

We'll be launching soon. Stay tuned.